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The Fallen Zion Child Syndrome : The Bank of International Settlements part 1

The Bank of International Settlements part 1 It is in the process of how the world is progressing that we can see how the child has conformed to what he wants as opposed to what he should be seeking. This is likened to an inversion of the they do business. Or see us as the commoners or Chattel or cattle...
It is nothing more than that, it is as clear as daylight that the Racial conflict that plagues our world is played through as yet another PsyOp set up where you are the entertained and they are the show. Or are we the shows and they the puppeteer...?

Read the following document thoroughly through, so that you can see in your mind that not only in South Africa but that in the rest of the world, correctives in the social political arena is and always was about the Money.

To bring it a little closer for you to view...See the following articles and reference material to state the Answers as to the way the business men rule a business or a country. After all a country is only a company…

Black Panther Disney agenda and the Cape to Cairo program

Black Panther the Africa Agenda trigger
- From the frying pan into the fire- Plot thickens
We all know that art imitates life imitates art....

 A 1960s poster of Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton (left) inspired a promotion poster for Marvel's Black Panther movie (right).Marvel's Black Panther movie (right).
Disney, the silent disinformation agency

South Africa being influenced in the Africa BLACK PANTHER propaganda....
Black Panther gangster club. Disney the Colonist

 Behold Ramaphosa as the Black Knight and the Black panther protagonist under the star of David...

Triangles have been used in signs for thousands of years; they have nothing to do with "broken crosses". They figure in flag designs, in the Peace Sign and in the Star of David."
Coincidental that this is the description of the South Africa flag....we are in the order of the Zionist Religions propaganda...."

" Ramaphosa wants to open SA borders for African business. President Cyr…