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Its been 24 years since the apartheid era has come to an end...but as what cost?

Seeing that all things start with a seed of deception, a seed that was germinating into a heart of fear. This is called the Shadow effect...the past comes to haunt us, but with it comes the Sentient Programming of something called the Black Goo, or the mind parasites that are seducing us to absolute terror and fearfulness....

 I think its quite bizarre that one can link the following articles and references together ,to prove that South Africa is truly the experimental ground for all things bizarre....
All this drama, for the last dog to come and take the bone, and NO ITS NOT ABOUT THE CHAOS,  ITS ABOUT THE ONES THAT COME AFTER, WATCH YOUR BACK SA,  WHO COMES KNOCKING ON THE BACK DOOR ....-
". The main interest Russia has in SA: "Zuma took a six-day trip with his state security minister that included several days of “rest”. A few weeks later South Africa signed an agreement with Rosatom for 85 Billion Rand "
There has been no speculation as far as I have looked that said that the nuclear deal is off, only half wishy washy comments on the new stand in President... 

Distraction , Distraction...look around you...
Apartheid was created like so many other constructed Divide and Conquer programs to bring nations to their knees, it does not matter what your color is, you are still in the mill of human energy plant. The fingers all point to the 1% controlling factors.

See here the following references and to look a little deeper into the reasons why things are happening for a reason, as it has been expressed before.
As you know everything is interconnected, and so is everyone else.
On the following announcement the articles in number

1. Observe President Jacob Zuma has been forced to step down, at the cost of many millions that still could not be cleared up..As far as I am seeing there are still many unanswered questions as to what and where the millions are stashed...but this is my opinion...he wanted the following aspects to be granted...

  • Personal security for himself, wife and his immediate family. This will include physical security such as bodyguards as well as a motorcade based on an assessment of his security requirements. However the security details will be notably smaller than what he is currently afforded.
  • A home which the State contributes to fully or partially – based on Zuma’s security requirements.
  • Health insurance, including treatment at military hospitals, as well as the care and respect one would typically give to a former head of state.
  • A mandated salary (approved at R2.87 million in 2016) with any increases as stipulated in government gazettes.
  • An indirect line to government if the state decides to utilize his services for diplomatic functions such as peace, ceremonies, or as a representative of the state. The extent of these additional roles will be at the discretion of the incumbent president.
2. Enter the impending water crisis in the Cape district,  Capetown is left in absolute dire straits , the Mother energy is breaking down, literally.
"it seems the city is successfully navigating its worst drought. Said Maimane: “The significance of this effort cannot be overstated. The sustained dedication and fortitude of all residents is the primary reason for this. You are all Day Zero heroes.”
A prevailing high pressure system — the same type of weather system that caused the extreme dry and hot conditions which led to the formation of the Great Karoo — has shifted southwards and experts believe Cape Town‚ like many other Mediterranean-climate cities around the world‚ is becoming a desert."

3. Listeriosis Food Outbreak in one of SA's most popular Cold meat industry, Enterprise.
" Outbreak of a food borne disease - Listeriosis in South Africa. Listeriosis is a serious, but treatable and preventable disease caused by the bacterium, Listeria monocytogenes and is widely distributed in nature and can be found in soil, water and vegetation."
hmmm...wonder if Monsanto has something to do with the soil...
 Listeriosis outbreak: 4‚000 tons of cold meat headed for hazardous ...
8 hours ago - On Sunday‚ the National Consumer Commission recalled Enterprise polony‚ russians and frankfurters as well as Rainbow Chicken Polony‚ due to the presence of listeria monocytogenes bacteria at the factories that produce this food. At least 180 patients have died from listeriosis

 Which leaves us with the following aspects woven together...Is Listeriosis a programmed attack to usher a new regime?
Are the rants of Kill the Boer part of the Reverse Apartheid, programmed behavior?
All this Chaos, for what in the end? Its not for land, not everyone wants the food basket of the country gone, but many of us who are against all this violence are seeing the bigger picture...It was never about the Color to begin with, it was all about the plot to set in Divide and Conquer...
The funny thing is , what happens after three years?

Hail a new Leader, one far more tyrannical and mechanical...some say that the mind parasites are the ones that are causing this....All Drama covers up something coming from behind....
Keep your eyes open...
There is more than meets the eye when coincidentally the Starship Enterprise lands on a Planet(lol...Starship Enterprise  like Enterprise Foods) Coincidence??

Star Ship Enterprise

 What is hiding in the shadows?

stay Vigilant!

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