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Osiris Marduk and State Capture of South Africa

Daily Maverick ref article : South Africans have been bombarded with revelations of how the state has been hijacked to amass wealth for a connected power elite involving President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family

An academic research partnership has consolidated all available information into a frightening compendium on state capture, mapping the deals, the key players and the modus operandi for commandeering control of state institutions and parastatals. Their report shows why it is necessary for a judicial inquiry and criminal prosecution for corruption, fraud, money laundering, racketeering and, possibly, treason. It also shows the danger of key enablers such as Zuma, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba and Eskom CEO Brian Molefe remaining in their posts

Alternative Revelations 
South Africa has undergone a cataclismic shift since the death of Mandela, in this article see the following, crazy as it seems that South Africa could be one of the great places where and ET presence has made itself known,
see here this article excerpt following to explain the Osiris Gateway

 ET Presence in SA , who encourages the State Capture?

Article Ref: Veterans Day
A very interesting rumor from a reputable source, is that the Mandela Funeral was used as a cover-story to assemble the world’s Top Leaders to pay homage to an ancient Nephilim alien ET leader called Marduk and who has allegedly returned after hundreds of years absence to be crowned as the new King of Africa, perhaps later to be elevated to “Ruler of The NWO” or the “New Caesar of the Ages”as the final Third Force Plan for the Globalist NWO is revealed  and actuated in full.
If true, the Mandela funeral has perhaps provided great cover to assemble the world’s top leaders to pay homage to Marduk as the new “Crowned King of Africa”. And as the Mandela Funeral became a major world event covered in detail on every major news network around the world, there were several strange anomalies during or surrounding the funeral that have became apparent and which can be interpreted in ways which support this rumor.

Strange anomalies surrounding the Mandela funeral have surfaced.
A very strange man performed sign language while the ceremonies went on.  It was later revealed that this man was alleged to be mentally ill and was signing nonsense gestures. It was alleged that he had been a suspect in an earlier murder. Concern was later then expressed wondering how this man could be allowed so close to top world officials when he was supposedly such an obvious security concern."

Did Nelson Mandala die on June 26, 2013 instead of the claimed December 5, 2013?
Reports have now emerged that Mandela actually died on June 26, 2013 and his body was kept on ice until the funeral. This itself could easily be used to support the rumor that his death was a cover-story to assemble the world’s Top Leaders in South Africa for another purpose, such as to acknowledge the formation of a new spiritual leader and King of Africa, Marduk, an ancient aline ET leader some believe is a fallen angel, demon or Jinn representing one of lucifer’s final action plans to convert the whole world to a pure luciferian worship system.
The main Services for the Mandela Funeral were held at the Johannesburg National Stadium and the graveside service was held days later in Mandela’s home village of Qunu in a very large specially built tent. There is no mention in news reports of the major G8 or G20 world leaders being present at the graveside service.

 ABOVE TOP SECRET ref article
Ritual of Mandela's death as the end of the present rule, into the rule of the coming Dimension


..if you wish to understand many, seemingly unrelated events, know that They have a Schedule in mind - based on the ancient Egyptian texts and goals. "Horus", who represents the rule of this present Matrix, is the [false] manchild; and he works to resurrect his father Osiris - who represents the coming 5D dimension. Osiris is at present "in his coffin" still - though the Vatican showed you already that he is about to rise: because they "showed you his bones" - as Ritual of course. You'll need to understand that many Rituals are attempting to counterfeit the Original Biblical Truths - or it won't make Sense what you will read below.. all right ?

Why They groomed Mandela for this occasion?

1 ) Mandela's father was "devotee of the god Qamata,[7] ". " One of the earliest legends is the African legend of the "watcher of the South"
Quamata, is one of the most prominent gods in Xhosa folklore. In the legend concerning Table Mountain, when Quamata created the earth, the Great sea dragon Nkanyamba interfered and prevented him from creating dry land. To aid her son Quamata’s mother, Djobela, a one eyed earth goddess, created four giants to assist her son.
  this is a concept of the pantheon: Quamata is the same as Horus, and the "4 watchers", guarding the four cardinal points, are none else but "the four sons of Horus". Horus in the Vedic pantheon is Skanda, holding the spear [rod] , and Tamil venerates Murugan, the  horus manchild.
2) the nature of the man:
"his forename was Rolihlahla, a Xhosa term colloquially meaning "troublemaker",[1]Only later, he ".. was given the English forename of "Nelson" by his teacher.[12] ".
[btw, Nelson, is from "Neils son", Neil = Gaelic/Old Irish Niall "champion.", see below]
"Feeling "cut adrift", he later said that he inherited his father's "proud rebelliousness" and "stubborn sense of fairness".[14]"
[quotes from wiki]
3) etymology
we saw that one was "troublemaker" ; and the added name "Nelson" meant "champion"- or, more complete: "SON of the champion"- the 'son' referring to Horus.
Mandela appears to derive from African Mandala, supposedly meaning 'spectacles', but the Hindu "Mandala" concept seems suitable here - since it is exactly the same word and related context:
- from Sanskrit mandala "disc, circle." [] definition: any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe.
Mandala shares a common characteristic of having a centre or axis, and directional headings, at any rate, it is Obvious that all three names are useful in this Ritual : son of the champion, centre and four cardinal directions, and 'troublemaker'.

  the spark representing, to ignite the coming Osiris dimension [remember the 'searching the Allspark of the Transformer movies] mourning = means to resurrection
The mourning Ritual, promoted heavily by msm, has another scary aspect however:

" in the tomb of Rams├ęs IX the inscription accompanying the scene of the women pulling their frontal locks [ = mourning] of hair says: "…they are mourning over the secret place of Osiris…they are screaming and crying over the secret place of the ceremony …they move away SnDt[6], their two arms with their two arms, their secret is in their fingers…"[7]. In the same line we have the coffin of Ramses IV, decorated with both mages of Isis and Nephtys pulling their frontal lock of hair and whose inscription says:"…the two goddesses who are in this secret place…they hide the secrets of the divine land… They move their faces during the moan; they mourn over the secret corpse… Both goddesses are holding their locks swt".

It seems that in ancient Egyptian belief, the mystery of death and resurrection was not accessible to all people; because of that in the Book of the Dead we read in relation to the Osiris’ resurrection. "… it is a secret of the Duat and a religious mystery in the deceased’s Kingdom …it is a mystery, that cannot be known, to take care of the blessed heart, give him movement, take away the bandage from his eyes, open his face…Read that with no one seeing it, apart from you truly friend and the lector priest"[8].


"From the Egyptian iconography and texts, we can discern a mourning rite, in which the two women made a gesture with their hair or lock of hair, over the mummy with a regenerating goal, and we can also guess a practice of shaving or cutting hair to the two mourners that happened in some moment at the end of the funerals when the deceased’s rebirth was a fact."

Breakdown of the following
A great Betrayal  not only from a ritualistic point of precedence but reflecting inward into the poiltical arena of our country,
please see the link as follow 

Betrayal of the Promise: The Anatomy of State Capture

the four sons of Horus

 The controllers: These, also known as patrons of resources (e.g. Zuma and the Guptas), sit at the apex and are usually the strongmen directly responsible for predation and exploitation. Their function is to secure access and maintain control over resources. A patron or controller typically favours one group over another (or others), resulting in the exclusion of those out of favour and the inclusion of those within favour. This sets up a competitive set of nodes with the network around the patron or controller, which has the ultimate effect of rendering elites (the next layer down) unable to co-operate effectively as they fear being ousted by their partners, or falling out of favour with the patrons

 The elites: The elites (e.g. Ace Magashule, Faith Muthambi, Malusi Gigaba, Brian Molefe, Mosebenzi Zwane and Anoj Singh) are responsible for establishing and maintaining patronage networks, which facilitate the distribution of benefits

The entrepreneurs: These are also known as brokers (e.g., Iqbal Sharma, Eric Wood, Salim Essa and Ashok Narayan). Broker networks consist of middlemen who facilitate the movement of funds, information and/or goods both domestically and across transnational networks, and make use of “recruitment networks, lending networks, remittance networks and smuggling networks” to do so

The dealers: Groups that are able to move the money transnationally (e.g. the professional money laundering syndicates in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere)

 “Radical economic transformation has increasingly come to be a fig leaf for the enrichment of a small power-elite, as well as the means through which this group finances its political operations. In this context, the Zuma-centred power elite has weakened the institutional fabric of the state and undermined its formal, rational-legal infrastructure.”

Teaser - Another dot being connected is the nuclear deal, which the report states is one of Zuma’s top priorities. The nuclear deal is the ultimate “big and shiny” capital intensive project that would benefit the cohort of rent-seeking corrupt insiders,
“The Guptas bought their uranium mine because they assumed the nuclear deal would be done, and there is evidence that Russian intelligence has a presence in the Presidency to guide the process “The nuclear deal is also central to the consolidation of a new framework for radical economic transformation. If the nuclear deal is implemented, this will signify the final consolidation of Zuma’s rent-seeking system as the glue that binds together the constitutional and shadow states.,

 The research team says it would require “bold action by the banking sector and the Reserve Bank to expose and shut down the financial mechanisms that the shadow state uses. every effort must be made to protect the information technology systems of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) from being taken over by a Gupta-Zuma linked company. If this happens as some suggest may be the case, the ANC elections in December and the General Elections in 2019 have very little chance of being truly free and fair..”

Stay Vigilant


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