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Today Moot point of Internal and External Decay

What is the Moot Point of the Internal and External Decay of Man ?

Today, there has been a big shift, and I have been doing this investigative research for many
My work is an infusion of the historical, psychological and somewhat philosophical material of experiences that we as South African are facing in the world today, not only in the world as a global village but in our Country, to point out to you as these external events ,political and historical and the State Of Decay.

This Decay is not simply reflections of the political arena but that it also a Decaying effect of you.
This Decay is not really about the tyranny that you are experiencing ,although we experience this daily.
I look at the roots of the Decay, that it comes from thousands of years ago.
Pointing out to you that this Decay can have a psychological origin  that you might not be aware of, how this Decay can influence the relationship that you have with yourself.

The Globalist Cabal's ( Those we have placed in Control Over Us )Intention does not always showcase the "in your face jack boot "Control but that it is almost always based on the psychological effects on man, and that is to eradicate you from your Self, slowly slicing away more and more of your originality, so that you become a half Self, to become part of a collective or mind hive and that this brings about tyrannical action not just to others but more importantly towards yourself.

The Self is your spirit, your first born right of existing as a human being, is slowly being collectivized.
Losing your independent spirt not only makes you feel collectivized forces you to hive think and makes you dependent on the approval of other people, and ultimately for the approval of bosses, priests, politicians, magistrates etc., the system of management or the State or Famous Authority Figures.
The more you become dependent on these people and people who are technocratic-builders of the scientific technological industry and the builders of the Global Village.

Not the Tech but the technocrats' Ideology where these sciences have been used the same way as religion to erode a man of his sense of selfhood, to make him think of himself as a sinner or a victim of the conditioning of the State., to conform a set of commandments or legislations, to envision one kind of heaven for one type of people to repress your natural instincts and self worth.

To have an antipathy towards the world, towards women, and children animals and so on.

Technology has stepped into this role of building the global village, because man has become tired, because he has become a half of himself a  very existential version of who he used to be and also now has become dependent of money and approval, to such a point where he looks now to authority figures to take responsibility for him, this half man.

This is how so many men, women and children have lost their own inner guidance, that this inner power has been abdicated to the leader or expert, who very easily takes the role of guidance.

Moot Point is Now, take Back your Self by taking Responsibility for Yourself and become Knowledgeable.

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Stay Vigilant !


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