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Architects contributing to the NWO sorry Religion...who knows these days...

and please , this is not a racial issue but again as mentioned before, EXPOSE ON GLOBAL ELITISTS AGENDA-

Illuminated Ones Running the Show, I keep telling you....look for the signs, this is how it works...

Looking at the above poster, I'm sure you get the drift but here is a basic summary of WHO IS WHO in The Beginners Guide To Gupta

Ajay, Atol and Rajesh Gupta  came to South Africa from Saharanpur, India, sent by Shiv Kumar, their businessman father, to explore business opportunities in the country. Atul was the first to arrive in 1993 and was later followed by his brothers. Rajesh was the last to arrive in 1997.
  Soon after their arrival they established Sahara Computers, named after their hometown.
  When the politically connected Guptas landed a chartered jet carrying 200-odd wedding guests at Waterkloof Air Force Base, a national key point, without anyone seeming to know who had authorized the landing, political heavyweights who had long ignored the comfortable connections between the Guptas and the ruling elite were forced to examine the relationship in the light of day.
With their high-profile and politically-connected business interests, the family has earned the ire of many. As the storm of controversy around the family continues, we give you the lowdown on who’s who in the Guptas, and what their interests are.
The Gupta brothers:
Ajay Gupta – the older brother
Business position: Non-executive chairperson, Vusizwe Media
Five facts
  • He holds no financial stake in the family business
  • As the head of the family he formulates their business strategies and controls the finances
  • He has been described as the final decision maker
  • He was the last brother to arrive in South Africa – he still holds Indian citizenship
  • He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from JV Jain Degree College in India
  • Atul Gupta – the middle brother
    Business position: Managing director, Sahara Holdings, non-executive director, Comair, executive chairperson, TNA Media.
    Stakes: Sahara Holdings: 16%, Oakbay Investments: 30%, Islandsite Investment: 25% Oakbay Investments: 40%
      Five facts

    • He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from JV Jain Degree College in India
    • He has been described as the “nuts-and-bolts” man when it comes to his role in the family business
    • He is a South African citizen – he relinquished his Indian citizenship
    • He arrived in South Africa in 1993
    • He is the brains behind Sahara Holdings

    Rajesh (Tony) Gupta – the younger brother
    Business position: Director, Mabengela, director, Islandsite Investments 255, director – Afripalm Horizons
    Stakes: 25%: Islandsite Investment’s, 40%: Oakbay Investments
      Five facts
  • His brother Atul has described him as “very close friends” with Duduzane Zuma
  • Together with Duduzane, they have a joint interest in Mabengela Investments, which is part of a consortium of black investors
  • He is a South African citizen
  • He has a Bachelor of Science degree from JV Jain Degree College in India
  • He joined the Gupta business in South Africa in 1997
    Gupta companies
    Sahara Holdings
      Five facts
    • Houses the family’s IT interests
    • It was started in 1997 but only became known as Sahara in 2000 - it’s named after their hometown, Saharanpur, India
    • It made a R1-billion turnover in the 2010 financial year
    • It has naming rights at Durban’s Kingsmead Oval and St Georges Park in Port Elizabeth.
    • It has no formal link to the Indian-based Sahara, sponsors of the Indian cricket team
    Oakbay Investments
      Five facts
  • It is the family’s investment vehicle and operates a number of businesses in the mining sector
  • It’s the major owner of Oakbay Resources and Energy
  • Oakbay Resources and Energy together with empowerment group Islandsite Investments 255 own Shiva Uranium
  • It owns a 60.7% stake in JIC Mining Services and holds a 5% stake in Comair, the JSE-listed owner of
  • Under the banner of this name is the Oakbay Trust which holds the family’s stake in Afripalm Holdings and Afripalm Resources belonging to Lazarus Zim
    TNA Media
      Five facts
    • It publishes the New Age newspaper
    • The paper is said to favour an editorial policy of constructive criticism, rather than an investigative one
    • The family has a two-thirds stake through Sahara Media Holdings, a subsidiary of Oakbay Investments
    • The Times of India newspaper, through the Bennet Coleman company, has a 7% stake and an empowerment consortium has 26%
    • A day before the newspaper was scheduled to launch in October 2010, five of its senior editorial team resigned, allegedly due to a crippling lack of resources and a showdown over the launch date.
    JIC Mining Services
      Five facts
    • A contract mining and services company
    • The family bought it in 2005/06
    • It was owned by Tokyo Sexwale’s Mvelaphanda
    • Oakbay holds a 61% stake
    • Duduzane Zuma is listed as a non-executive director in the company
    Vusizwe Media
    Publishes the Thinker journal – edited and founded by former minister in the presidency, Essop Pahad
    Other stakes
    • Afripalm Technology: 12.1%
    • Dunrose Investments 180: 12.1%
    • Pyramid Trading Eleven: 2.8%
    • Comair (JSE-listed owner of 5%, through Oakbay
      * Percentages quoted as per reports from 2011. 
      Rumblings that some in the ANC and its alliance partners are dissatisfied with the power wielded by the controversial Gupta family – who are said to  often summon Cabinet ministers and senior state officials to their home in Saxonwold – have been going on for years.
      The  M&G first reported on the growing unease over the relationship between the Gupta brothers – Atul, Ajay and Rajesh – with President Jacob Zuma back in 2010, when the Guptas monopolised Zuma’s time during a state visit to India.
      In early 2011, Cosatu raised concerns about the increasing number of big government deals being made “in a suspicious manner” and singled out the Guptas as targets for an investigation. While he did not accuse the Guptas of corruption per se, Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini  complained that their dealings with the state were creating a negative “perception” that reflected badly on the country. It Is unclear what happened to the investigation.
      At the time ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe  defended the Guptas, saying criticism of their political influence was driven by “racial prejudice”.
      But when the politically connected Guptas landed a chartered jet carrying 200-odd wedding guests at Waterkloof Air Force Base, a national keypoint, without anyone seeming to know who had authorised the landing, political heavyweights who had long ignored the comfortable connections between the Guptas and the ruling elite were forced to examine the relationship in the light of day.
      This week  Mantashe was reported to have fallen out with Zuma over the incident, with the Star reporting that he had raised the issue of the Guptas influence privately in the past.
      The three-day wedding of 23-year-old Vega Gupta, daughter of the Guptas’ sister Achla, to her Indian fiancé Aakash Jahajgarhia had barely got underway when three separate state entities – the department of defence, department of international relations and the South African Revenue Services –  called high level inquiries into how the Guptas jet came to land at the airforce base.
      The guest list at the wedding showed some of the Gupta’s connections. It  reportedly included ministers of key portfolios, such as Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu, Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba and Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor.
      Despite the diplomatic fallout, deputy international affairs minister Ebrahim Ebrahim also attended the wedding as did former government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi  who once defended ministers who attended the Guptas at their home and berated reporters who asked questions about the visits saying they were being “unethical”.
      Also in attendance was Essop Pahad, former minister in the presidency under Thabo Mbeki, who serves on the board of Sahara Holdings. Pahad once held a seat on the board of TNA Media. His magazine, the  Thinkerreceived funding from the Guptas.
      Gigaba’s attendance at the wedding has raised eyebrows, given the  recent Sunday Times report that sacked SAA chairperson Vuyisile Kona was allegedly offered R500 000 by Rajesh “Tony” Gupta, after being invited to a meeting at the Gupta’s Saxonwold home by one of Gigaba’s special advisors, Siyabonga Mahlangu.
      According to the  Sunday Times, Duduzane Zuma, son of President Jacob Zuma, and Tshepiso Magashule, the son of Free State Premier Ace Magashule, also attended the meeting.
      Duduzane, who has close business ties to the Guptas and is linked to several Gupta companies, also attended the wedding, as did the Free State premier, whose son Tshepiso is employed by Mabengela Investments, a company owned by Rajesh Gupta and Duduzane.  Earlier this year, the M&G reported that Mabengela appears to be the vehicle for the Zuma family’s empowerment by the Gupta family.
      According to staff at the resort, first lady Bongi Ngema-Zuma, who works as head of communications and marketing at the Gupta’s mining firm JIC Mining Services, also attended the wedding, as did two of Zuma’s other wives and the president’s nephew, Khulubuse Zuma.
      Although invited, Zuma did not himself attend the wedding. He kept a low profile as the public furore over the Waterkloof landing unfolded.
      Also not at the wedding was Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille who distanced herself from the Guptas after it was  revealed that she received a R200 000 donation from a senior executive in one of the Guptas’ companies. Zille insisted that the money was not from the Guptas but from a private donor and was therefore fair game.
      The dream wedding saw allegations of racism and sexual assault of staff at Sun City, where the event was held, surface. Following the departure of the wedding guests, and the ongoing political and diplomatic scandal, the Guptas issued a  “general apology” to the authorities, the public and their guests.
      Previously the  Sunday Times reported that the Guptas and Duduzane Zuma – the president’s son – were directors and shareholders in a deal with China Railway Construction Corporation in which they stood to benefit from the government’s R550-billion rail infrastructure programme.
      The Chinese deal follows the controversial ArcelorMittal R9-billion empowerment deal in which the Gupta brothers and Duduzane are set to benefit at least R3.2-billion if the deal goes through.

But wait...There's More...

The Deeper we go the more we now know , who the key players are , but why are they so powerful and what is their agenda..

The Gupta Empire - University Nalanda
(looks a little bit like the tower of Babylon)

The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire, founded by Sri Gupta, which existed at its zenith from approximately 320 to 550 CE and covered much of the Indian subcontinent.[1] The peace and prosperity created under the leadership of the Guptas enabled the pursuit of scientific and artistic endeavours.[2][unreliable source?] This period is called the Golden Age of India[3]

*Golden Age Of India, funny how this story shares some similarities with the Saturn Golden Age or Death Cult, " A time of bliss and plenty, the fabled Golden Age of mankind existed for the duration of Saturn’s precarious life as Earth’s polar sun – a position threatened by the unstable nature of the newly-born planet Venus and the encroachment of the Sun and its own planetary satellites."

"The age that man later called the Age of Kronos (Saturn) was remembered with nostalgia as an age of bliss. References to the Age of Kronos in the ancient lore are very numerous
A golden race of mortal men who lived in the time of Kronos when he was reigning in heaven. And they lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil: miserable age rested not on them . . . The fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things. . .
The dominance of Saturn at some remote period in the history of the life of the peoples on Earth was of such pronounced and all-pervading character that the question arises whether the adventures of the planet going through many exploits could by itself be the full cause of the worship of the planet and the naming of the Golden Age “the Age of Kronos” (Saturn). Saturn exploded and caused the Earth to go through the greatest of its historical catastrophes, and this was completely sufficient to make of Saturn the supreme deity; but it appears that the Age of Saturn is a name for the epoch before the Deluge; after the Deluge Saturn, dismembered, almost ceased to exist as a planetary body and when at length it was reconstituted it was fettered by rings, and was far from being the dominant celestial body that would behoove it as the supreme deity of the epoch. The “Age of Kronos” is so glorious an age that it is hardly thinkable to connect it with the period after the Deluge. The wailing for Adonis, Tammuz of the Babylonians, or Osiris of the Egyptians, deplored the end of its dominance, not the beginning of it. "

Currency the first, note the symbology, more on this later
figurine sitting in the sun, with the stars on the right ,planetary alignment of the solar shift of the pinch, of venus and mars,the left hand holding a rope symbolizing the alpha and omega 1 and 0
likened as Inana/Ishtar Sumerian goddess.

Sun and Moon in the hands of the Deity called Baphomet-

When one unites the symbols from each hand , you find an image similiarly to the Vajra or the Dorje,
See this to explain the meaning of the unification of male and female or the electric universe analogy,
The 'pinch effect' on plasmas can lead to a shape that would have looked like a squatting man with arms held aloft in support of the heavens (see pictures below for image of plasma in a laboratory environment). The characteristic rendition of this auroral effect has been etched into rock faces the world over.
Golden Age

and was marked by extensive inventions and discoveries in science, technology, engineering, art, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion, and philosophy that crystallized the elements of what is generally known as Hindu culture.[4][unreliable source?] Chandragupta I, Samudragupta, and Chandragupta II were the most notable rulers of the Gupta dynasty. The 4th century CE Sanskrit poet Kalidasa credits the Guptas with having conquered about twenty one kingdoms, both in and outside India, including the kingdoms of Parasikas, the Hunas, the Kambojas, tribes located in the west and east Oxus valleys, the Kinnaras, Kiratas etc.[5][non-primary source needed]
The high points of this cultural creativity are magnificent architecture, sculptures and paintings.[6] The Gupta period produced scholars such as Kalidasa, Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Vishnu Sharma and Vatsyayana who made great advancements in many academic fields.[7][unreliable source?][8] Science and political administration reached new heights during the Gupta era.[9][unreliable source?] Strong trade ties also made the region an important cultural center and set the region up as a base that would influence nearby kingdoms and regions in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.[10][unreliable source?] The earliest available Indian epics are also thought to have been committed to written texts around this period.

Look Familiar ?
The Priests are at the top, these days it doesn't take much to make more wizardly or priestly magick work for , using the most easiest business, called religion.

The empire gradually declined because of many factors such as substantial loss of territory and imperial authority caused by their own erstwhile feudatories and the invasion by the Huna peoples (Ephthalite Huns) from Central Asia.[11][12]

After the collapse of the Gupta Empire in the 6th century, India was again ruled by numerous regional kingdoms. A minor line of the Gupta clan continued to rule Magadha after the disintegration of the empire. These Guptas were ultimately ousted by Vardhana ruler Harsha, who established his empire in the first half of the 7th century.[citation

The Homeland Origins are speculated, but I can highlight a note or two
For instance the origin of the word NAGAS-this should tell you there is a slight issue,
Interpretation for this word

* Nāga (IAST: nāgá; Devanāgarī: नाग) is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very great snake—specifically the king cobra, found inIndian religions, mainly Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. A female nāga is a nāgī or nāgiṇī.[1]

The great nemesis of the nagas in the Mahabharata is the gigantic eagle-king Garuda. Garuda and the nagas began life as cousins. The sage Kashyapa had two wives (amongst his 13 wives, all prajapati Daksha's daughters), Kadru and Vinata, the former of whom desired many offspring, and the latter of whom desired few but powerful offspring. Each got her wish. Kadru laid 1000 eggs which hatched into snakes, and Vinata laid two, which hatched into the charioteer of Surya the sun god and Garuda.

* eagle-king -could possibly be tied in to eagle is a symbol or power and endurance. The Romans, The House of Habsburg, The House of Rothschild, the Nazis, and the United States all use(d) the eagle as a symbol. See the ravenous bird from the east from Isaiah 46:11.
* 13 wives - the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati
1000 eggs -The 1000 points of light -
“One moment there had been nothing but darkness; next moment a thousand, thousand points of light leaped out…”
C.S. Lewis was known to be steeped in the occult and well on board with the thrust of the Illuminist agenda

The Twist in the tail...

"There is controversy among scholars about the original homeland of the Guptas. Jayaswal has pointed out that the Guptas were originally inhabitants of Prayaga (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, in north India, as the vassal of the Nagas or Bhaarshivas. Thereafter they rose in prominence. Another scholar, Gayal supported the theory of Jaiswal, suggesting that the original home of the Guptas was Antarvedi embracing the regions of Oudh and Prayag. These historians have derived their theory from several Gupta Dynasty coins found in those regions, and this study of numismatic evidence led to the theory that the Guptas were the original inhabitants of that region of northeastern India.

However another historian of this time in Indian history, Ganguli, has offered a different view about the original Gupta homeland. According to him the Guptas homeland is further south, the Murshidabad region of Bengal, and not Magadha in Bihar. He based his theory on the statement of the Chinese Buddhist monk, Yijing (I-Tsing), who visited India during 675 and 695 CE. Fleet and other historians however criticize Ganguli's theory because Sri Gupta ruled during the end of the 3rd century, but Yijing placed him at the end of the 2nd century. Hence the theory of historians, who have provided their views based on the accounts of Yijing, are considered less valid than theories based on other sources such as coinage.

From these theories, several conflicting opinions about the original homeland and the Empire of the Guptas are available. According to Allan and other scholars, the Guptas were originally concentrated in the region of Magadha and from there they extended their sway to Bengal. According to other groups, the original homeland of the Guptas was Varendri or the Varendra Bhumi in Bengal, wherefrom they extended their Empire to Magadha. Whatever the theory is, the rule of the Guptas initiated the Golden Age in history of ancient India and with passage of time they became the sole authority of entire Northern India.

Bengali historians like HC Raychoudhuri the Guptas originated from the Varendri region which is now part of Rangpur and Rajshahi Division of modern-day Bangladesh. DC Ganguly on the other hand considers the surrounding region of Murshidabad as the original home of the Guptas.[17]"

In the mesh of ideals and control we are starting to see something more than just simply a rich globalist family, we are seeing how the illuminated bloodlines all interlink with each other , meeting up in various places in history, The serpent and the Eagle,
Egyptian Return Of the Black Pharaohs or more so Black depicting not color but the ones that are unseen, an alchemical term and also the genealogy of the word alchemy, Khem meaning dark or Egypt.

Same plot same people different country each time.

"According to Currid, the author of Exodus and Numbers was familiar with Egyptian practices and beliefs; the Exodus and Numbers accounts dealing with serpents "properly reflect ancient Egyptian customs" of the New Kingdom period.18
Information on Egyptian religion is very uneven, with more data from later periods and from higher social stratas. There are also difficulties in understanding the religious literature; therefore, no one can know for sure how specific Egyptian beliefs were followed and practiced.19 Egyptian gods varied over the centuries and according to the ruling Pharaoh's preference of a particular deity. Local gods were worshiped only in certain regions, while other gods had widespread acceptance throughout Egypt.
Local gods would sometimes rise in importance, and become adopted in other areas. Additionally, gods often were merged with each other, and merged with gods of other cultures; therefore, the blending of various gods over time and in different regions complicates the process of discovering consistent universal gods for study20
Egyptian religion was polytheistic, honoring animals as gods, and worshiping gods that personified forces of nature and that embodied abstract concepts such as wisdom and justice.21 Animals were also used to represent various attributes of the gods, such as the falcon for Horus, the cow for Hathor, the jackal for Anubis, and the crocodile for Sobek.22 " -

Looking at this what is the next thing that all rich men want apart from land, blood, sweat and minerals?
Absolute control not through violence although many have killed in the name of religion but a new age of order ruled in a transhumanism futurist belief system...

More To Come!

Stay Vigilant


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