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GUPTA EMPIRE a pale horse edition NWO , SA INVOLVED

How the Guptas took over South Africa

Its no state secret that The Gupta Empire has been working the system aka Financial Minister Previn Gordhan to do some investigation in their closed bank accounts that it blew up in everyone's face, this is an understatement,
Digging into the dirty behind the scene of the NWO Agenda, what's the actual deal, How President Zuma basically sold us out to just another rich Family.
You know what they say, in the land of the blind or is the broke is the one eye or bank king.

"We should never agree to be puppet-mastered as if there are no rules and principles that govern this country. We call on all South Africans to stand up against the Gupta syndicate because we will soon be left with no country."-Floyd Shivambu

South Africa has been under the management of a a far greater puppetmaster anyone has ever realized, not even the suspects who made the deal with them know this criminal syndicate masquerading as genuine business people, headquartered in Saxonwold. -"The suburb has its origins as part of the Braamfontein farm which was owned by Hermann Eckstein.[2] He had bought the farm to explore it for minerals and when he failed to find any, the land was converted as a timber plantation in 1891 called Sachsenwald after Otto von Bismarck's estate.[2] The lands name would be anglicized at the beginning of World War One and was called Saxonwold "
-'Gupti' as 'defence' and 'Goptri' as the art of science of Military arrangements. On this basis the person who was incharge of defence was called 'Gupta' or 'Gopta'. Skandagupta wrote in his inscription that he had "appointed military governors in all provinces"

This stresses everyone out, because there are bigger sharks than the little ones we thought were big!

Zuma being the Chief Colonial Administrator, and best buds with the Gupta brothers – Atul, Ajay and Rajesh – 2010,when the Guptas monopolised Zuma’s time during a state visit to India.
The issue is the Guptas are not your regular joe business Rothschild or Shill on the Block, We have a greater threat, quite Frankly its more in terms of the added bonus material to start a new world religionised Order or regime.
The Guptas have established a solid network inside the ANC and have decisively influenced or orchestrated the mechanics in the ANC .
Art Of War_ to take over an enemy take over the influencers, "bloodless war"

The Guptas ,in their network of influence, have premiers of the Free State and North West provinces, ministers, chairpersons and CEOs of State Owned companies, and also have control over many critical decisions that will financially benefit them and the puppets they control.

The first and last time anyone spoke about the disproportionate influence of the Guptas in the ANC was in the 2011 launch of the ANC Local Government elections manifesto, when then ANC Youth League ,Julius Malema said, right in front of Mr. Zuma that South Africa's democracy is “not a democracy of families; this is a democracy of the people of the country.-

When families are exploiting the resources of this country and are enriching themselves in the name of freedom, when those in political office abuse their power to benefit friends, the youth must rise in defense of the ANC." That call is relevant today, and the call is to all South Africans to rise in Defense of South Africa.

From there on, the attitude of Mr. Zuma, the colonial administrator of the Gupta empire took a dramatic turn, such that he never addressed even one meeting of the ANC Youth League National Executive Committee under the leadership of President Julius Malema.
As Youth League Leader, President Julius Malema was privy to the reality that the Guptas would call individual members of the ANC National Executive Committee to tell them which Ministerial position has been given to them prior to the official announcement by their puppet, the colonial administrator, Mr. Zuma.

In Comes the Guptas' galloping on their white horses to the media space through The New Age, ANN7(African News Network) for those who didn't know, and SABC is also an attempt to colonize the minds of all South Africans.
The New Age and ANN7 are bankrolled by Government departments and entities, with the Free State government spending millions of Rands on Gupta media platforms. The SABC has been pushed into an unexplained cooperation with The New Age for a television breakfast show, which in terms of basic media business laws cannot be co-hosted with owners of a rival television station.


Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi was in Saxonwold, with the whole toot of presidential convoy the day before Zwane was announced as a Minister of Mineral Resources.
Zwane was the inside man for the job, maybe he was paid , men don't work for free you know...he handed over our land's mineral rights.
Previous role was MEC in the Free State when he did the same thing in some dairy project.

which the provincial government paid millions for, but never materialized, and is subject of investigation by the Public Protector.
(hmm possible trade with Monsanto, Genetically Modified Milk via Hormone Feeds)

But Really , we can do this all day, when the money trail leads us more and more down the rabbit hole where the sun don't shine.

Let me sum this up in a sentence, the problem we face is not the Politics that makes the biggest noise and the biggest Distraction, but who is running the show behind the curtains of Management.

This is certainly a pale horse waiting to drop dead a more serious Agenda.

The New Age and Africa News Network 7, the print and television propaganda wings of the Zupta cabal, have always had an interesting relationship with truthiness. But the unreality has been ramped up significantly over the course of the last several weeks. RICHARD POPLAK falls down the Gupta media rabbit hole and emerges into a multiverse where big is small, wet is dry, and where Zupta Inc. is little more than a benign force for good in a swamp of CIA-engineered evil.

Stay Vigilant!

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