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Its been 24 years since the apartheid era has come to an end...but as what cost? Seeing that all things start with a see...

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Monday, February 22, 2016

South Africa Influenced?!...A Pale Horse is coming

A Pale Horse is coming

An excerpt : " On Friday, the ANC took to the streets. It was a party the likes of which only the Big Boys can throw, and in the throwing they took on the Biggest Boy of all. The ANC's secretary-general Gwede Mantashe wants us to know that the Great Satan is in our midst. And Barack Obama is gunning for Jacob Zuma’s job. "

The Art of War comes to mind , when at first you are attempting to take over a country in a non violent manner.
Well Poison:
To overthrow an enemy , the wells were poisoned and so the rye too, this brought down the enemy so as to surrender without any struggle. See reference
This time all the cards are showing the new changes that are in store for South Africa.

The Weather+Drought and the witch in the cupboard...

During these summer months we have noticed a great drop in the rainfall in over a 100 yrs, see my article on Monsanto.

also see Monsanto not ZEKA

Monsanto has moved in a subsequently our water by manipulating our weather, to great degrees...What lies ahead for this country is as was predicted , a non  government a non sovereign state, under the umbrella of AFRICOM...

See this Article , stating that South Africa has been the bed partner in Security and the military since 1929, " The two countries share development objectives throughout Africa, and South Africa plays a key economic and political role in the African continent. The United States seeks opportunities for increased U.S.-South African cooperation on regional and international issues. In 2010, the United States and South Africa launched a strategic dialogue aimed at deepening cooperation on the entire range of issues of mutual interest and/or concern. "

This article is not in any way implying that I suggest we go against any type of education in any direction but it does imply  an ulterior agenda...And If The United Stated decides to go into defcon, we will be used as canon fodder as we have always been used for other's agendas..

Are we as South African allowing this to  escalate until it is too late or are we letting things go until we have become so worked up seeing how our country being left in a devastating heap of self pity and post apocalyptic apartheid now in Reverse, as this has been orchestrated from the start.
The Same perpetrators that caused Apartheid are the same ones coming in and causing reversal or inversion of this..INVERSION

Also see the Mandela (sun king ) Washington Foundation

Stay Tuned

Stay Vigilant !

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