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Conspiracy on our shelves part 3 Monsanto

South Africa: Monsanto - the Most Hated Corporation On Earth?
Excerpt article  Simple observation will explain this corporate dark secret war...

And here is another excerpt of a court case held between Biowatch

Biowatch Trust v Registrar Genetic Resources and Others (CCT 80/08) [2009] ZACC 14; 2009 (6) SA 232 (CC) ; 2009 (10) BCLR 1014 (CC) (3 June 2009)
Looks like Monsanto cant keep itself clear from " costs "  as seen in this article 2011

Based on this article , they seem to have been actively busy, 2011 Newest UPDATE !!  MONSANTO not ZEKA !  Article Curtesy of
  " The microcephaly outbreak in Brazil, which coincided with the spread of the Zika virus, continues to stun the world, even months after the incident was first reported.
Pregnant women all over the world have been advised to take caution. The Zika …

South Africa Influenced?!...A Pale Horse is coming

A Pale Horse is coming

An excerpt : " On Friday, the ANC took to the streets. It was a party the likes of which only the Big Boys can throw, and in the throwing they took on the Biggest Boy of all. The ANC's secretary-general Gwede Mantashe wants us to know that the Great Satan is in our midst. And Barack Obama is gunning for Jacob Zuma’s job. "

The Art of War comes to mind , when at first you are attempting to take over a country in a non violent manner.
Well Poison:
To overthrow an enemy , the wells were poisoned and so the rye too, this brought down the enemy so as to surrender without any struggle. See reference
This time all the cards are showing the new changes that are in store for South Africa.

The Weather+Drought and the witch in the cupboard...

During these summer months we have noticed a great drop in the rainfall in over a 100 yrs, see my article on Monsanto.

also see Monsanto not ZEKA

Monsanto has moved in a subsequently our water by manipulating our weathe…

PROOF ! South Africa Weather and Drought Manipulated!!

South Africa : The weather is weird !? Throughout the country , a profound sweeping glance that South Africa is in its lowest rainfall ever.. Dying cattle, dying people, all starving with no outcome, but in the Free State.. Say isn't this where Monsanto has made their first Debut??
Its Murder all round, the weather is manipulated, proof that weather manipulation is quite possible. Am I pointing fingers at Monsanto? You be the Judge  The global corporate Giant Killer GMO is lurking, quietly modifying the weather , feeding people lots of money to do what they want them to do, After all money makes people do many things.

Maybe Monsanto is Fixing it??


South Africa recorded the driest year in over a century
In 2015, South Africa experienced its driest year in over 100 years, with rainfall below the mean in each of the last four years.
This is according to the South African weather service, which compiled a dataset detailing the average rainfall…