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Conspiracy on our shelves part 2 Monsanto + The Drought in South Africa weather is manipulated

South Africa has allowed Monsanto to overrun the farmer's seedbanks by discontinuing the natural seasonal seeds.
At the same time Monsanto comes in as a rescue to aid the Food Industry aka the Farm industry of South Africa.
Again simple observation, when did this happen?
How did we not see this one come around the corner and whack Monsanto sprouts new founded roots in South Africa?
Insert article on what happened in 2013 -
Monsanto is increasingly finding itself on the defensive as world opinion turns hostile toward genetically modified seeds, most of which are patented by the biotech giant. One of the company’s most compelling arguments for its quest to spread GMOs is that Monsanto products are the solution to world hunger — a Monsanto executive even won the prestigious World Food Prize this year. The company’s defenders claim that opposing GMOs is a luxury of Western privilege that d…

Conspiracy on our shelves

Through out all the ages , since the first settler set foot on the soil of Southern African, we have been punted and sold to a great many gifts from the gods....
A wise man once said , one can only run a country when one can manage a supermarket....
We have Greece to thankwiki-

Famous Brands Limited is a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa. Its head offices are in Midrand, Johannesburg. The company is Africa's leading quick-service and casual dining restaurant franchisor. The company's global footprint of franchised stores spreads across the world, totalling 2,163 stores (2013): South Africa 1,881, rest of Africa 172, United Kingdom 110 (2013). Besides its core business activities of quick service and casual dining, the company is also involved in manufacturing and logistics.

George "Senior" Halamandres, also known as Uncle George, brought new ideas to South Africa relating to the food in…