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Who Controls South Africa?

' South African history has been dominated by the communication and conflict of several diverse ethnic groups. The aboriginal Khoikhoi people have lived in the region for millennia.

 Most of the population, however, trace their history to immigration since. Indigenous Africans in South Africa are descendants of immigrants from further north in Africa who first entered what are now the confines of the country roughly one thousand seven hundred years ago. White South Africans are descendants of later European settlers, mainly from the Netherlands and Britain. The Coloureds are descended at least in part from all of these groups, as well as from slaves from Madagascar, East Africa and the then East Indies, and there are many South Africans of Indian and Chinese origin, descendants of labourers who arrived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The history South Africa is taken here more broadly to cover the history not only of the current South African state but of other polities in the region, including those of the Khoisan, the several Bantu kingdoms in the region before colonisation, the rule of the Dutch in the Cape and the subsequent rule of the British there and in Natal, and the so-called Boer republics, including the Orange Free State and the South African Republic. South Africa was under an official system of racial segregation and white minority rule from 1948 known as Apartheid, until its first egalitarian elections in 1994, when the ruling African National Congress came to dominate the politics of the country'.-Wikipedia
South Africa a created country, made up by as above viewed many races, hence the name of the Rainbow country.
But what lies under this veil of colorful face and is Mama Africa truly our own...our land, our heritage?
take this journey with me to see if this is not simply a facade as so many other controlling powers have been slowly unraveling in the last century.

Not About Politics , is it?

Repetition , we have repeated ourselves into a state of a movie state, all we see is a repetitive story of the newly status of this country.
A secret Agenda can not function when If you have not realized how all these corruption is repeated, swinging the Pendulum of Power , this is from the "voorlaaier, "-boerwar gun to assegai, Zulu spear to hammer to knobkierie-zulu club.
All we are experiencing is an insanity that we are staring at, we as a nation are experiencing a great stage of power, leading us into a subservience of power.
Day by Day we are lead to global fascism.
The most Dangerous man in the world is a man who thinks for himself, this may cause the governments to lock one up.
George Orwell - Believe that war is peace , freedom is peace and ignorance is strength , amazing things are allowed to happen...

What you see is nothing but an puppet show conjured up by a secret society that intends to irradicate the freedom of a united nation.
races are torn apart, politics are played out through the media and all that we do is swallow it up because we could not possibly believe that South Africa has the stamina to pull the wool over our eyes.

They are puppets, your government is ruled from somewhere in Europe, a secret global society.

This Secret Global Society are cold blooded , merciless and power hungry.
This Secret Global Society have existed since before Jesus and will continue to do so for as long as they can, if they deal with Ignorance and lazy nations.
Too lazy to stand up and take responsibility for themselves.


To clearly understand the reality of where the hidden agendas lie, we have to start with the coat of arms of South Africa and break it down , piece by piece, slowly unravel this cubit and see it for what it is...

ref. masonic layout Prince Kensou additional information to be added on.

1.At the top is a sun , but mainly a crown as seen worn by the Lady of Liberty very similarly featured
the crown represents the sun, also the connected with Ra...There are 7 horns or points on the crown.

rising sun indicated as in the country called Japan ,land of the rising sun.
2.the secretary bird /Phoenix, a masonic symbol for Venus, or the  Venusian gateway of rebirth.
The phoenix is symbolic to rebirth and china.

The gateway is on a phi based protocol, phi  means fire or Fibonacci..

Theology - Phi 1.618: The Golden Ratio

The use of the Greek letter Phi Phi to represent the golden number ... 

Phi based fire in the belly of  the solar plexus of the continent..

3.masonic pyramid , smaller pyramids inside,(protea)
The pyramid is lit up with the various colours of the races in the country, but it is in design 9 checkered smaller triangles or pyramids. Note in the drawing of the pillars, the checkered floor of the masonic foundation.
The word Pyr a mid

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

4.rods holding the pyramid , masonic pillars or sepals(bottom of the protea)
5. the bull horns on both sides , symbolizing African people
It was also a very sucessful way to fight in the , both Napoleon Bonaparte and Shaka Zulu used the horn formation to surround and attack their opponents.
6. The wheat

6. The grain fields, the farms are capitalized , Those who control the food, control the people
7.The two warriors in the middle


On Its side 
But when you turn it clockwise, 
One can see a Y shape
Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - Y
The twenty-fifth letter of the English alphabet derived from the Greek T. One of the symbols of Pythagoras was the Greek letter Upsilon, T. for which, on account of the similarity of shape, the Romans adopted the letter Y of their own alphabet. Pythagoras said that the two horns of the letter symbolized the two different paths of virtue and vice, the right branch leading to the former and the left to the latter. It was therefore called Litera Pythagorae, the Letter of Pythagoras.
Thus the Roman poet Martial says, in one of his epigrams: Litera Pythagorae, discrimine secta bicorni, Humanae vitae speciem pracferre videtur.
The letter of Pythagoras, parted by its two-branched division, appears to exhibit the image of human life.
The Two horns of the the letter Y also form a V
As in the below example

note the headpiece and the V for Venusian gateway

Prior to 1994, this means pre apartheid, South Africa was ruled by a British Monarchy,
as seen here by the lion o the top,

10 Facts About the Illuminati

Please note the info placed here on this site is based on research and simple observation,

The Right to seek Truth
The Condition of the country in terms of its politics, is not about Race, or politics , but about how the business is corporately managed..
And if you want to create turmoil in a country , you create mass division, in politics and in race and you exploit it...
This is how the country is being controlled, ready to be plucked for the highest bidder,
The phoenix is right at the top, at the moment, today, 2015, China is buying up all the gold on the world and wants to dominate the world financially,
The Phoenix has come to land on South African soil...

Stay Vigilant !


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